The Community of Jesus

Anglican Expression

Our Journey

Archbishop Sean and Gill Larkin

Sean Larkin is the Archbishop of a Traditional Anglican Jurisdiction ( He first met Professor Matteo Calisi in February 2006. Shortly afterwards he began travelling with him and a small team drawn from across the spectrum of the Christian Church, to speak on and visibly demonstrate the reconciliation and unity that Christ desires for His Church. This included visits to Argentina, Brazil, Italy and the USA, sharing with leaders and groups on whom God had laid the same desire for unity.


In May 2009 Matteo asked Abp. Sean and his wife Gill if they would consider starting an Anglican expression of the Community of Jesus. With the blessing and approval of the Vatican, they made the promises that all those who desire to commit themselves to the Community of Jesus make. This took place in May 2010 during the annual international gathering of the Community, “Kairos”, before Bishop Mario Paciello who accompanies the Community. It was an historic moment as the hitherto Roman Catholic Community of Jesus embraced an Anglican expression.


Based in Woking, United Kingdom, the calling of the Community is lived out within an Anglican context, under the authority of Abp. Sean.  Our meetings are centred around Anglican Evening Prayer or Holy Communion. They include a time of worship and reflection on themes associated with our calling. We pray for the reconciliation of the Church of Christ and for the Community of Jesus around the world. Fellowship is enjoyed through the sharing of a meal.


Those wishing to identify with the Community as members, make covenant promises before Abp. Sean. This, however, is not a requirement and meetings are open to all.


We participate in the wider work of the Community at Kairos and events organised by other groups working for unity and reconciliation. These include CRECES and United in Christ, North America.


Our desire is to see reconciliation and unity grow within the Church in the United Kingdom.